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Neither a ginger nor a red head

Call me a sucker for unusual hairstyles and tattoos. There’s no shortage of either in Asheville. Last summer I was walking by a tea house on Lexington Avenue with an open window and counter that looks over the sidewalk, and I took a picture of this woman relaxing and watching the goings on outside. I […]

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King Edward Antoine

Perhaps I engaged in a bit of hyperbole when I said you’ve probably never heard of King Edward if you’re not from Jackson, Mississippi. I understand some King Edward fans from all around are taking exception to my comment. Well, I apologize. Let’s just say he’s not exactly a household name. However, King is about […]

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Spooner & me

I spent the last several days in Nashville shooting a remarkable instrumental recording session that I will write more about once I’ve caught up on my sleep. One of the musicians involved was the legendary Spooner Oldham, keyboard player for (among others) Percy Sledge, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, the Everly Brothers, Jackson Browne, the Drive-by […]

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Sound check, check, check, 1,2,3, check, check

Sound checks really are about checking sound. The board at the side of the stage controls the sound that the musicians hear. This can be incredibly complex with wireless equipment due to the all the frequencies that must be used. The sound is mixed for each musician individually and piped into their high tech ear […]

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