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Dashboard clown

This is the latest in my rusty car series. No, I didn’t put this little guy on the dashboard. He was already there when I arrived. Much to my surprise, the rusty old car door actually opened and I was able to get this shot through the steering wheel. Where was Lamont Quackworth when I […]

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More abstracts and old cars

This is the same car as yesterday’s photo. Some of the patterns were so cool I couldn’t help but wonder if someone distressed them intentionally for artistic effect, or if they were completely natural effects of wear and tear and whatever.

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Abstracts and old cars

Someone has placed some very old and very rusted vehicles in a carefully arranged display along Highway 321 in the mountains near Blowing Rock, NC. There are a couple cars and some pieces of old farming equipment in various stages of decay and decrepitude that seem right in place where they sit. I was just […]

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