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Psychedelic burn at Transformus

This was the scene for the climactic burn at Transformus Saturday night. Set out in the woods near Asheville, Transformus is a regional Burning Man festival. If you can’t make it to the desert playa out west, Asheville is a pretty good alternative. Thousands of people gathered at the burn field next to a lake […]

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Scenes from Charlotte

Spent Monday afternoon in Charlotte enjoying the Democrats’ huge downtown party before the convention starts on Tuesday. There was a little bit of everything going on, at least until the torrential downpour began. I got caught in the middle of it, right there in front of James Taylor, with nowhere to hide except for a […]

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Alien in the oven

I didn’t stay at the Chili Cotillion on Saturday as long as I would have liked because I had been invited to a kiln firing at Kim Ellington Pottery in Vale, NC near Hickory. Kim and Betsy Ellington are old friends who I have written about previously. Kim fires the kiln adjacent to his studio […]

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The 25th Annual Chili Cotillion

I was minding my own business at home Saturday afternoon. After watching more than enough college basketball, I turned off the TV and heard noise coming from outside. Five donkeys live in a field just behind my back yard, so I’m used to hearing odd noises. This noise sounded like guitars. I walked out on […]

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