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Just donkeys. No roses. No hats.

Congrats to my friends in Blackberry Smoke upon the very successful release of their new album Holding All the Roses. As you can see, the donkeys that live behind my house were most excited about the new album which features one of their nicely accessorized distant cousins on the cover. They seem to think that […]

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This year I was actually invited

When I heard the music coming from over the hill behind my house, I knew what it was. Saturday was the day for the 26th Annual Chili Cotillion, a huge outdoor party. And this year, I had an invitation in hand. (I crashed the party last year.) There was a boatload (literally) of beer, all […]

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My new neighbors

Yeah, I know I said Blackberry Smoke was on deck, but I just had to sneak this one in. I was headed out of the house to pick up a pizza yesterday evening when I saw the dramatic light on my new neighbors, these horses who have recently taken up residence in the pasture across […]

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There’s a donkey on the phone

There are only three things I expected of my old cell phone. Make calls. Receive calls. Display the time. That’s it. I’ve been lusting over an iPhone for a while, and when one of my photo clients seemed incredulous that I couldn’t even look at an iPhone app that contained some of my pictures, I […]

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