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Joe Ondris would like me to stop talking about him

Joe Ondris has contacted me recently with a new round of supposed peace offerings, misspellings, sentence fragments, and a threat. He would like me to stop talking about him and to remove my previous blog posts about him. In exchange, even though Ondris refuses to admit that the photos he has used are mine, he […]

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An open letter to Joe Ondris

Dear Joe, Thank you so much for your “assonate” letter dated October 30, 2012.  It provided some welcome comic relief to an otherwise worrisome day when I was thinking mainly about a hospitalized friend.  (Click HERE to download a copy of Joe’s letter to me. Scroll down a bit to see my October 25th blog […]

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A statement about Joe Ondris

We all have our crosses to bear.  Joe Ondris, whom I consider to be a despicable scumbag of a human being, is mine. Ondris fancies himself as the Outlaws number one fan, supporter, friend, and defender of Hughie Thomasson’s legacy. In my view, he is a number one fan in the vein of Annie Wilkes, […]

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