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And now for something completly different

A step in the right direction.  Seen on the streets of Asheville. Could this be Bigfoot’s other foot?

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Paradise Garden mail train

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot in Paradise Garden. Located in Summerville, GA, Paradise Garden is the largest outdoor folk art installation in the United States, all created by the late artist and Baptist minister, Howard Finster, who died in 2001. I really can’t find the words to describe Paradise Garden. Fortunately, others […]

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Three kids, a selfie, and an abstract at the High

Spent a rainy afternoon in Atlanta at the High Museum of Art. Took some pics with my iPhone. Above, three kids from Atlanta – Brandon, Sonya, and Ethan are chilling in one of the galleries. Below, a selfie and a pic of abstract reflections in a very large concave mirrored thingy.

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What is this?

I’m working on a very special project this week. I’ll be posting pics all week, but first this one, taken on the first day of the project. An attaboy or attagirl goes out to the first person who can identify what this is. Post your answers on Facebook, where I will put a link to […]

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