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I could use your help

I haven’t entered a photo contest since the early seventies.   Until now.   PDN, which stands for Photo District News, is an influential magazine for professional photographers. PDN is having a photo contest called Ultimate Music Moment 2012. I’ve entered the photo below that I first posted here on April 7th. This is where you […]

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1975 Jewfro

Here I am, backstage at the Santa Monica Civic Center in October, 1975, inventing the classic facebook selfie. I can believe that my hair was that long. It’s hard to believe I was ever that thin. Those were the days.

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Another Caddy shot

I’m not going to get carried away with the ’58 Caddy, but it’s an incredible car. Here’s one more shot. Fins in the back and some nice lines up front. As I said yesterday, it has been immaculately restored. However, it may not be authentic in every last detail. Did they have halogen headlights in […]

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That’s no land shark

I was headed out to shoot a sunset on the west side of town Thursday evening. As I drove through Hickory I saw fins. Bright red fins – next to the Dairy Queen, of all places. The sunset shot would have to wait till another night. I pulled into the DQ where several classic cars […]

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