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Goin’ Greek in Tarpon Springs

I spent the weekend in the Tampa Bay area on Florida’s gulf coast. Much warmer here than in North Carolina. It’s been 36 years since I lived in Tampa, and let me tell you, that’s enough time to miss a lot of road construction. I spent Sunday afternoon in Tarpon Springs, and getting there is […]

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Sundown where the geese roam

While everyone else was watching the Bears, Seahawks, Patriots and Jets, I managed to get my butt off the sofa and head to the mountains with a friend for the afternoon. This scene near Valle Crucis, NC caught my eye. There was even a small patch of sand where I could kneel down and set […]

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Another barn – and no opinions

After yesterday’s lame opinion piece, I think it’s safe to say that nobody should visit here in search of editorial insights on the events of the day. Sooo… I’ll get back to basics and keep my editorial opinions to myself. In my defense, I can report that no animals were harmed in the production of […]

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Don’t let it out

Crazy political violence inside. I’m just hoping the rickety door will hold. In light of current events, this is my version of an editorial cartoon. I don’t think it’s liberal or conservative to be against violence. (Really, there’s just a cow in there.)

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Before the storm

After more than a week without touching my camera, (lazy me) I’m back with my first post of the new year. I wanted to start 2011 off right with a decent shot, and I’m happy with this one. This image is a blend of 12 exposures, from very dark to very light that I’ve processed […]

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