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Pray for Dean and Pepper

Other than his wife, Pepper, and his kids, grand-kids, and family, there is not much my friend Dean Parris likes better than listening to The Outlaws and Blackberry Smoke perform. Dean and Pepper were on the Simple Man Cruise with both bands when Dean was critically injured in a scooter crash in Cozumel, Mexico. He […]

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Hairy HDA

I could have posted this pic of Harvey Dalton Arnold a few days ago with the other ex-Outlaws, but I thought it deserved a post of its own. This previously unpublished portrait from around 1976 or 1977 was shot in the style of the portraits that appeared in the gate-fold of the Outlaws first album.

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Blackberry Smurf

Just the other day I was talking to the guys in Blackberry Smoke about how it is getting harder to get good candid shots of musicians on tour because they rarely leave their tour buses or hotel rooms.  Before the advent of the modern tour buses with lounges and many of the comforts of home, […]

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A statement about Joe Ondris

We all have our crosses to bear.  Joe Ondris, whom I consider to be a despicable scumbag of a human being, is mine. Ondris fancies himself as the Outlaws number one fan, supporter, friend, and defender of Hughie Thomasson’s legacy. In my view, he is a number one fan in the vein of Annie Wilkes, […]

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Vintage ex-Outlaws

It’s impossible for me to acknowledge here all of the fine musicians who have played in the Outlaws at one time or another. There are three that I got to know and like who I have never pictured here, and who are fine people as well as fine musicians. So I thought it was about […]

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Sodstock redux

Time flies when you’re not paying attention. I said I’d post more pics from Sodstock in a day or two and it’s been a week. Oh well…  here are some more shots from last week’s music festival just outside Hickory, NC. Shown above is a shot of the stage from the sound board during a […]

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