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The party above

I’m posting a dozen more street photos I took in Asheville this week. Some of them are completely candid, and some are posed. A couple in color, the rest in glorious black & white. All are shot with my newest camera, a Fuji X100S, as were the recent pics from Boston and New York that […]

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We could all use a little

I spent the day shooting on the streets of Cambridge, MA in and around Harvard Square. Found some interesting people. I hope this guy found more kindness than my dollar bill in his cup. (A dollar is my limit except for very unusual circumstances.) We talked for a while and then I moved on.   […]

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Streets of New York

For the second post of the day, here are some pics taken yesterday of people in New York City.

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Elevator skaters

I parked my car in a parking ramp in Chapel Hill last weekend. These four skaters joined me in the elevator to the top floor of the parking ramp, presumably to skate down. I had just enough time to launch into my quick elevator speech, which consists of something like, “I’m a photographer. Mind if […]

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Tripp from St. Louis

This portrait of Tripp from St. Louis is the first I’m posting from a new series. Now that I have a small studio/office space in downtown Asheville, I can ask all the cool people to come up for a portrait, instead of always shooting on the street. There will be more to come, because there […]

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