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Charlie Starr and his new guitar

Okay, Blackberry Smoke fans. This is what I know you want to see, so here you are. Charlie is playing his new Les Paul that the superb craftsmen at the Gibson Custom Shop made for him. Shot at Ziggy’s in Winston-Salem, NC last Friday night.

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Doc peeks out

There’s a message in those eyes. I think it’s something like “Don’t mess with this guitar unless your name is Charlie Starr.” The crew are the unsung heroes of any touring band, and the crew for Blackberry Smoke are no exception. The tour manager, sound wizard, lighting director, and the instrument techs all make the […]

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Bees knees

A girl with bees knees posed for me in my studio yesterday.

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Recently published – Please Be With Me

I’m honored that Galadrielle and Random House selected one of my pics of Duane Allman for this book cover.

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Ghost posing @ the Mothlight

I haven’t done a new shot for my Ghost Posers series in a long while. But the ghostly posers were out in force Saturday night outside the Mothlight in West Asheville so I wasn’t gonna miss a good opportunity. Special thanks to my new friend Jamie, who helped me not get run over by traffic […]

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