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The cutest little cop car in Asheville

I was sipping espresso in a downtown Asheville coffee shop when I looked out the window and saw this cute little cop car stopped at a traffic light. I stepped outside and got off this one shot, just as the officer looked my way. A second later, the light changed and he drove off. This […]

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This very nice young man agreed to pose for me a few days ago in downtown Asheville only after he was assured by one of his friends that I was not a tourist. He didn’t mind being photographed, but he understandably did not want to be treated like a tourist attraction simply because of his […]

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Chilling on a hot day

No, this is not in Asheville. I’m in Montreal for a few days, and it is much warmer here than it is back home in North Carolina. Montreal is a lovely city. Hope I get some more good shots before I go back south of the border. Any French speakers wanna hang out with me? […]

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How hot is it?

When it’s summer in the South, you start seeing stuff like this. Certainly not a photographic masterpiece, but I like the irreverent humor.

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C o p y r i g h t