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Dave Turner at the piano

One never knows where one will find a good performance or a good portrait. I happened to be sitting in the back gallery room at 5 Walnut wine bar in Asheville this afternoon with family and friends. In walks this guy who sits down and begins talking with us. Turns out he was pianist singer-songwriter […]

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Just donkeys. No roses. No hats.

Congrats to my friends in Blackberry Smoke upon the very successful release of their new album Holding All the Roses. As you can see, the donkeys that live behind my house were most excited about the new album which features one of their nicely accessorized distant cousins on the cover. They seem to think that […]

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Chad chilling

Chad Cox is a cook at the Early Girl Eatery, an excellent restaurant located right behind my studio on Wall Street in downtown Asheville. I was walking back to the studio a couple days ago on a rather dreary afternoon, and as I crossed Wall Street, I looked over and saw a spot of red […]

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Bookstore, wine bar, or engine room?

I had been Photoshopping for several hours this afternoon and I needed a break, so I walked across the street from my studio to the Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar. They have the best selection of photography books in Asheville, and the Champagne’s not bad either. I picked out a book and sat […]

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Big Head Todd at the Peel

I hadn’t seen Big Head Todd & the Monsters in a couple years so I was overdue for a fix when they hit the stage at the Orange Peel in Asheville last night. I only had a three song photo pass, so I couldn’t do my usual thing, but I did manage to get a […]

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In memory of Dean Smith

By coincidence, I happened to be in Chapel Hill today when I heard the sad news that former UNC basketball coach Dean Smith had died. I drove over to the Dean Dome because I couldn’t think of anything else to do. There were 150 yards of news trucks parked end to end out in front […]

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