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Carolina Catskins at the Crow & Quill

I took some friends to see the Carolina Catskins last Thursday night at the Crow & Quill in downtown Asheville. I knew the big snowstorm was on its way, and this would be the last chance to get out and around before the onslaught. I hadn’t planned on taking any pictures, but when I saw […]

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Glenn Frey can check out, but he will always be with us

What a sad ten days for the music and the music fans of my generation. First we lose David Bowie, and now Glenn Frey. Bowie’s death was a surprise, but Glenn Frey’s passing came as a total shock and hit me much more personally. I have been an Eagles fan since their first album was […]

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Why won’t the Orange Peel return their calls?

The Outlaws finally made it to Asheville (well, to the Asheville area) for a hot rocking New Year’s Eve show just outside of town in Fletcher, NC. The band has wanted to play Asheville for several years, but, as frontman Henry Paul said from the stage, “The Orange Peel won’t return my calls.” If the […]

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Artimus Pyle before “the most fun I’ve had in a long time”

It’s not every day a rock and roll hall of famer shows up to watch your sound check, as former Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer Artimus Pyle did yesterday while the Outlaws were preparing for their first Asheville area show in a very long time. Artimus and his band opened for the Outlaws, and by the end […]

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