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Courtnee Fallon Rex stopped by my studio

I went to an open mic at an Asheville club last night and met the lovely and talented Courtnee Fallon Rex. She is a Seattle based itinerant musician, performer, artist, model, photographer who is passing through Asheville as she makes her way cross country. You know… my kind of people. Of course, I invited her […]

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Howling with gargoyles

Not all tourists are created equal. Some are a little crazier than others. Ricky Herbert was relatively normal until I asked him to climb up on the wall of a certain illustrious house in Asheville and pose with a gargoyle. Okay, you got me.  He was completely bonkers from the outset.

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Strawberries and traveling kids – it must be spring

Enough with winter. Today was the first warm day of spring in Asheville. The traveling kids are back on every corner and strawberries are in the stores. Soon the streets will be filled with music, and the farmers markets will be open again. Life is good. Krischan Winters just arrived from West Virginia yesterday. He […]

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Greg from Atlanta, a dancer in his own world

Even as  downtown Asheville was filled with Southern Conference basketball tournament fans, this dancer found a corner on a crowded sidewalk, turned his back to the street, turned up the music in his headphones, and became engrossed in his own world… oblivious. Though it is not visible in this picture, he was facing a full […]

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