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Busker of the day – Vaden Landers

Vaden Landers can usually be found busking in Asheville as a member of the Fly By Night Rounders with Abby the Spoon Lady and Chris Rodrigues. He is the lead vocalist for the group and is equally comfortable on guitar or banjo. A while back, Vaden and a group of buskers were eating and drinking […]

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Buskers of the day – Kelley & Ashton

Hailing from Washington and Montana, Kelley Harvey and Ashton Smith have been in and out of Asheville for the last few years playing lovely traditional acoustic music. I’ve known them for a while, and they finally came up to my studio for a portrait.  

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Busker of the day – Nathan Vargo

My portrait project documenting the street performers or Asheville is gaining steam. Today, Nathan Vargo came upstairs to my Flatiron Studio for a portrait. I’ve known Nathan for over a year since Abby the Spoon Lady introduced us. He plays in a couple different street bands and on his own.  If you are a busker […]

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Am I dreaming, or was that a cello in the elevator?

While there are many buskers in Asheville, not many of them are cellists. James Squires is the exception. James can be found most weekends playing his cello and flutes in front of the Flatiron sculpture on the corner near my studio. Today he came upstairs for a portrait.

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Shooting buskers in the Flatiron

Chris Ashburn has been a fixture on the streets of Asheville for the last couple years. I have been threatening to serve him some coffee in my studio for quite some time, and he finally came up a few days ago. Of course, I was out of coffee, so we got right to shooting. So […]

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And now for something completly different

A step in the right direction.  Seen on the streets of Asheville. Could this be Bigfoot’s other foot?

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