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Courtnee Fallon Rex encore

While organizing images for my forthcoming book, I came across another image of the lovely Courtnee Fallon Rex that I just had to post. None of my subjects are professional models, but Courtnee is, in addition to being a singer/songwriter, and a fine instrumentalist on accordion and ukulele. She passed through Asheville earlier this summer, […]

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Busker of the day – Stephen Ray Lester

I’ve photographed Stephen before, when he was part of the group Ain’t Nothing Much, but not as a solo artist. He is getting ready to leave Asheville for greener pastures in Los Angeles, so I figured it was now or never. We did a short photo shoot in my Flatiron Studio Monday afternoon and got […]

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Jared Tyler stopped by for coffee and a picture

Jared is one of the best guitarists I know. Put a stringed instrument and a slide in his hands and prepare to be blown away. If he lived anywhere but Tulsa, Oklahoma, he’d be famous. Jared was in Asheville recently while touring with Malcolm Holcombe, and stopped by my Flatiron Studio for a photo shoot.

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Busker of the day – Sumer Zachary

You can often find Sumer Zachary among the musicians and other buskers on Pack Square in downtown Asheville, but she is a little different. Sumer performs the ritual of reading Tarot for interested passerby. Take a few minutes to sit at her table, and she will go through her deck of cards and tell you […]

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Buskers of the day – Mike and Kelsey

Finally got a dog past the layers of security at the Flatiron Studios. Mike Quain and Kelsey Robins are Hearth and Highway, from Fayetteville, Arkansas. They are touring around the country in their van with their instruments and Ese, an Australian Shepherd. Ese enjoyed the ride up the elevator and posed with them in my […]

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Busker of the day – Billy Scribbles

I saw Billy Scribbles busking in front of the Flatiron sculpture as I walked to my studio today. It’s a hot August day in Asheville, so Billy was ready for a break after an hour. He came up to the fifth floor for a portrait that shows a little wear and tear, not to mention […]

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