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Busker of the day – Krischan Winters

I first encountered Krischan almost exactly one year ago, when he posed for a silly photo with a strawberry in his eye. Krischan, who had just arrived in Asheville from West Virginia was one of the many traveling kids who pass through town. He was a good sport about the strawberry and a very nice […]

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Girl with black eyes

I dropped by The Crow & Quill (my favorite Asheville bar) with a friend Tuesday evening  to see if anything was going on. The place was almost empty. I noticed a girl in an unusual white dress in the back of the bar. She walked towards me and sat down not four feet away in […]

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In Memoriam – Chuck Berry – The Indispensable Man

Chuck Berry, who was perhaps the most influential guitarist in the history of music, and one of rock music’s great songwriters, died yesterday near St. Louis. He was 90 years old. If anyone was the father of rock ‘n’ roll, it was Chuck Berry. Rock ‘n’ roll might exist without him, but it certainly wouldn’t […]

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Buskers of the day – Nitsa & J.C. Rainwater

Nitsa and J.C. Rainwater are back, and have been playing around town for the last few weeks. It was so cold outside today, they finally agreed to come to my Flatiron Studio for a portrait instead of busking in the freezing weather. They will soon be reassembling their band, The Cricket Creek Gypsies, when the […]

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Geneva at Izzy’s

I stopped into Izzy’s Coffee Den for a cappuccino this afternoon and was struck by the beautiful redheaded girl sitting by the window, lit by intense sunlight that made her hair glow. Her name is Geneva.

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