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Ike Stubblefield – an artist with soul and grace, and what a face

How cool is it to have a great guy like Ike Stubblefield agree to sit for a quick portrait session, to appear on the seventh anniversary of this blog? He has the coolest face this side of Morgan Freeman, with a lifetime of music and art etched into his cheeks and glowing from his eyes. […]

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As far out on a limb as I get

This is what can happen if I get bored and start looking through random old images. I found this pic from October 2015 that I took at the Biltmore Estate and thought, what if? So I played with a Photoshop filter and came up with a perfect image to stare at after you drop acid. […]

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Cool people I met – Ben Phan

Some of the most serious hikers in Asheville choose to trek the entire Appalachian Trail. Not Ben Phan. He hiked the entire Pacific Crest Trail with his backpack and a small guitar, entertaining hikers and others along the way, while writing songs inspired by his experience. Now he lives in the Asheville area and records […]

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