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Busker of the day – Conor Moor

As promised, Conor Moor is the other half of the busking duo I mentioned yesterday. Or should I say one third, since they have apparently added a bassist/guitarist today. That’s how things go on the sidewalks of Asheville. I neglected to say that they are going by the name Rich Girl¬† Poor Boy. I think […]

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Busker of the day – Joseph Williams

Joseph is half of a duo that stopped me in my tracks in front of Mast General Store in Asheville a few days ago. He and his traveling companion, Conor Moor, have some great material and they play it pretty damn good. They impressed me enough to listen to a few songs and invite them […]

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Busker of the day (again) – Vaden Landers

I hardly ever photograph buskers playing outside. But the light late Tuesday afternoon at the Flatiron was so cool, I just had to get some shots of my friend, Vaden Landers.

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