Crusty card game

© John Gellman

I was night stalking again last night after dinner in downtown Asheville. Came across a friendly group of crusties playing cards and making music in front of a jewelry store where there was nice light, which made it possible for me to shoot some pics. I know some of these kids, so they didn’t feel threatened by me or my camera, and I was able to shoot while they ignored my presence. All in all, they were a very nice group of people. I enjoyed talking with them and listening to their music for a while.

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Mitchell Strauss - looks like some sort of neo-haight ashbury…. cool shot… is that a multi-exposure…

JG - Just a typical scene, in front of a store in the heart of downtown Asheville. No HDR or multiple exposures here. Just a single shot. Exposure info is 1/60 sec @ f/2.4. 1600 ISO. Leica M-P with 35mm Summilux lens. I LOVE shooting with the Leica. I’m using it for almost everything now. A world of difference from shooting with my Canon, which is an outstanding camera in its own right. I will probably write a column soon about what equipment I use and why.

Mitchell Strauss - I imagine the Leica is less obtrusive for street photography… the 5D sucks up a lot of oxygen…

Mitchell Strauss - well… I hope you like the Leica… I just looked it up on Amazon… and I thought the D810 was pricey…

JG - Exactly. The 5D is intimidating with any lens when pointed at a subject. The Leica is the polar opposite. It doesn’t intimidate anyone, and allows me to remain relatively inconspicuous and nonthreatening. Optics and image quality are second to none, but it is not as good in low light as the Canon.

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