Portrait of an outside agitator

© John Gellman

Everyone has been asking me if I have been taking pics of the anti-Trump protests that have become almost routine here in Asheville lately.   (I have not.) I pretty much got my fill of protests in the early seventies when I protested Nixon and the war in Vietnam. Though I’m certainly no Trump supporter, I can wait and lodge my official protest in 2018 and 2020, the next times I vote in national elections. Despite my lack of personal participation, a small group of orderly protesters were out again today as I walked around for a while. I was standing at one of the main intersections downtown and this nattily attired protester walked ahead of the group and stopped to ask me “What street is this?” No local person would ever ask me that question, so I knew he must be an outside agitator. But I thought he sure doesn’t look like a street fighting man to me, and I’m guessing he can’t always get what he wants. Well, it is Sunday. Maybe he got out of church, went to the Asheville outlets to spiff up his wardrobe, and then came downtown to go to the demonstration and get his fair share of abuse. (My apologies to Mick Jagger for paraphrasing his lyrics.)

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