Girl with black eyes

© John Gellman

I dropped by The Crow & Quill (my favorite Asheville bar) with a friend Tuesday evening  to see if anything was going on. The place was almost empty. I noticed a girl in an unusual white dress in the back of the bar. She walked towards me and sat down not four feet away in the only spot in the room with a little light. I looked at her and couldn’t help but notice she had black eyes. Not black pupils, but totally black eyes. Now, you just don’t see that every day, so I asked her, “Do you mind if I take your picture?” She didn’t mind, and I got three quick shots.  Turns out she was a model named Jen who had been in a photo shoot with another photographer, who walked over as soon as he saw me photographing Jen. I was the lucky beneficiary of a lot of preparation by the other photographer and his model. We’re talking makeup, hair, wardrobe, black contacts… the works. This is why photographers should always carry their cameras with them wherever they go.

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