Busker of the day – Krischan Winters

© John Gellman
I first encountered Krischan almost exactly one year ago, when he posed for a silly photo with a strawberry in his eye. Krischan, who had just arrived in Asheville from West Virginia was one of the many traveling kids who pass through town. He was a good sport about the strawberry and a very nice guy.  He has recently arrived back in Asheville. I ran into him on Patton Avenue a couple weeks ago and he was as nice and friendly as I remembered him to be. Yesterday, as I was leaving my Flatiron Studio for lunch, I saw Krischan busking with his banjo in front of the Flatiron sculpture, just outside my studio. He came upstairs and posed for some pics with his banjo. No strawberries this time, but shorter hair and movie star good looks.

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