Cool people I’ve met – Sam Wild

© John Gellman

I first met Sam Wild at a Full Moon Gathering, a huge monthly party held in or near Asheville, on the weekend closest to a full moon. I wanted to photograph him as soon as I saw him. Sam is a musician, producer, performer, and a DJ. He can be a little, well, wild, but always fun. He is apparently better known around town than I was aware.  When I left my Flatiron Studio after the photo shoot, the elevator operator asked me “Did you photograph Sam Wild?” I told him indeed I did, and got an approving nod. Over the years, the elevator operators in the Flatiron Building have become oblivious to the cast of characters, rogues, and scoundrels that visit me on the fifth floor. For any of them to mention one of my subjects to me is highly unusual. But Sam is awfully hard not to notice.

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