Buskers of the day – A Murder of Crows

© John Gellman

No, they are not killing crows, or counting them either. A murder of crows means a flock of crows, and the term dates back to the 15th century. I looked it up. Never too old to learn something I didn’t know. They seemed unsure what the name of their band was. I was about to suggest Dirty Kids and Their Dogs, but they settled on A Murder of Crows. Anyway, it is the dog days of summer, so it was totally appropriate to feature a group of dirty kids and their dogs on my blog today. Trevor, Jefferson, and Clyde hail from Austin, Texas. Sorry, but I forgot the dogs’ names. They played a mean version of House of the Rising Sun while I was shooting this pic. Be sure to drop a couple bucks in their tip bucket if you see them playing around Asheville.

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Sylvia Blaauw - I like this one. Very lively. Love the dogs in it.

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