Those were the days – Days N’ Daze at Crooked Wood

Here’s a shot from my favorite music venue ever in Asheville. Days N’ Daze is performing at the long gone Crooked Wood in October, 2014. That’s right, this shot is almost three years old. So why post it now? Well, I had a pizza for dinner tonight at a restaurant where a guy named Freddie used to work. Freddie lived at the house where Crooked Wood existed in his basement. Since it was not only under the house, but under the radar as well – had no liquor license, no fire inspections, no food safety inspections, and was generally illegal in any and every respect, I never published anything I shot there because I did not want to get anyone in trouble or see it shut down. All to no avail, because the landlord shut it down before anyone got arrested. But, in my opinion, while it lasted, it was the best venue for live music in Asheville. And I miss it almost as much as I miss Jon Stewart. Of course, Days N’ Daze are doing quite well. They are on the verge of real fame, playing much larger venues for actual money. Anyway, I thought about Crooked Wood as I ate my pizza, remembered that I had this picture in my archive, and figured it was about time to publish it. I hope all statutes of limitations have expired.

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