Busker of the day – Joseph Williams

© John Gellman

Joseph is half of a duo that stopped me in my tracks in front of Mast General Store in Asheville a few days ago. He and his traveling companion, Conor Moor, have some great material and they play it pretty damn good. They impressed me enough to listen to a few songs and invite them up to the Flatiron Studio for some photos. Joseph and Conor don’t don’t really have a band as such. They have just been traveling, singing, writing, busking, and playing the shit out of their guitars, while living out of Joseph’s car for the last few weeks. As you may notice in the pic, a trip to the music store is next on the agenda to buy guitar strings. They each have their own projects, and I have no idea how long this duo will last, but they are certainly worth hearing if you get the chance. And stay tuned. Conor is up next.

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Solana Bailey - I’ve got some great photos of these boys as well, especially Conor. Can’t wait to see.

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