Busker of the day – Conor Moor

© John Gellman

As promised, Conor Moor is the other half of the busking duo I mentioned yesterday. Or should I say one third, since they have apparently added a bassist/guitarist today. That’s how things go on the sidewalks of Asheville. I neglected to say that they are going by the name Rich Girl  Poor Boy. I think one of them had a rich girlfriend at some point, and, well, you can guess the rest of the story. (Traveling and living out of a car should be a dead giveaway.) Conor is a very accomplished singer/songwriter/guitarist who fronts two other bands, including the Tangerine Acid Love Machine, that I presume are on hiatus while he is traveling. I haven’t heard his other bands, but I do hope he sticks with this one long enough to record some music, because these guys are REALLY good.

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Solana bailey - Rich%20girl lol. Conor and Joe are amazing artists. Miss you very very much bb.Bueno suerte.

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