Rolling Stones 1972

Photos © John Gellman. All rights reserved.

Hands down the best concert I’ve ever seen. Exile on Main Street had just been released when the Stones blew through Charlotte, North Carolina in July 1972. The Stones were in their prime, at their raunchy best. Fortunately, my parents were out of town, so everyone I knew drove down from Chapel Hill and spent the night partying at their house in Charlotte after the show. They never found out about this home invasion until I told them twenty years or so later, by which point it didn’t matter. I shot a couple rolls of Tri-X standing on a folding chair in the sixteenth row. (Thank you, Harry Smith, wherever you are.) It was a shaky situation, not ideal for photography, but I did manage not to fall and to get some good shots.

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Christian Schlegel - Beautiful shots. You have quite a talent. Thanks for posting them. Please email me if you ever wish to sell some photos from these negatives.

Steve Talia - John,
These ’72 shots are incredible. The first one of Jagger/Richards is stunning and the shot of Keith and Bill Wyman is also fantastic. Please. Seriously consider selling these photos to fans. Photos of the Stones from this time period are hard to find and this is something I have a keen interest in collecting.
After seeing these photos, it does beg the question. Were you able to get any shots of Mick Taylor or these all the ones you were able to get?
Like the previous poster, please let me know if you decide to make copies to sell. I would want to pick up two of them right off the bat and get them put into proper frames.

John Junda - John,

These are tremendous images. They capture the true electrical charge these guys were emitting in 1972. I am more than ready
to send you proper funds should you want to share these treasures.

Thank you, John

Sylvia Blaauw - I love the b/w shots. I always did. B/W gives so much more than it is credited for. Great concert shots.

Kevin Eddinger - Absolutely fantastic photographs. This was the summer before my freshman year at Chapel Hill – my brother (already living in Morrison), myself and my girlfriend walked down from nosebleed seats to the best show I have ever seen. I have seen one shot of myself hanging on the lip of the stage from a set displayed at the old Record Bar. Please, if you have any more or the first one displayed here for purchase, please contact me. I think seeing myself in one would add at least two years to my life. Best regards, Kevin Eddinger

Rodney Eddinger - These are some of the best photos of the Stones I’ve ever seen. The clarity is remarkable. I was there, about 6 feet from the
stage in front of Mick Taylor–it was the best show I’ve ever seen. Thanks for posting these wonderful shots. Rodney Eddinger

Paul Undersinger - Wonderful. A piece of history. Great photos of a great band at their peak. You lucky guy!

Jim Walker - Great photos. I saw them in Knoxville, TN on July 7, 1972. I didn’t have enough sense to save my program (if I bought one) or ticket stub. Steve Wonder was the opening act. I have searched for photos online but have not found any yet.
Any ideas on how to find any please let me know.

Mark Taylor - Please refresh my memory – who opened for the Stones that day, 6 July 1972.

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