Bob Dylan

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Photos © John Gellman. All rights reserved.

These photos of Bob Dylan were taken in January 1974 at a performance in Hollywood, Florida. Dylan hadn’t toured in eight years, so this tour with the Band was a really big deal at the time. It was a great show. Looking back, I don’t know what was wrong with me. I should have taken more pics of the Band, who were outstanding and very tight. Maybe I was conserving film. I can’t explain why I couldn’t seem to point my lens away from Bob. He was such a compelling presence.

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diana - These are great photos of Bob.

Yes, a compelling presence. I saw him Sunday night and every once in a while I’d remind myself there IS a band there too and take a quick glance. Inevitably in less than 30 seconds I’d be riveted on Bob again.

Aubrey Stone - Great shots of Dylan of yesteryear, especially number 7. Takes me back. Thanks for preserving and posting.

Dan Eslinger - I went to the early show on a Saturday in mid January,it was a cold day in Pembroke Pines that day and they had a mini disturbance and I vividly remember Bill Graham (of Fillmore fame) in a hard hat with megaphone yelling at the crowd.We all had to sit on the concrete floor in the Sportatorium (no seats until the late 70’s).Was a killer show Dylan did an electric set with the Band , then the Band played a short set,followed by Zimmy on acoustic only. For a then 17 year old it was Awesome! I did’nt realize how good I had it back then. Thanks so much for the memories.

Jim Sands - John, We were both at this same concert. You gave me a black and white shot very similar to these.

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